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Poster Presentations

PowerPoints and Video Presentations

Co-operative Conversion: Helping to Safeguard Jobs & Local Businesses

Daniel Brunette, Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada

Canada’s Rural Regions in the Quest for Inclusive Knowledge-Based Economies: Triumphs, Prospects and Challenges

Dr. Charles Conteh, Niagara Community Observatory, Brock University

Building Bridges Between Public-Private-Civil Society Sectors to Optimize Rural Economic Development


Moderator: Kelly Vodden, Professor (Research), Environmental Policy Institute. Panelists: Dr. Heather Hall, University of Waterloo, author of COVID-19 and Rural Economic Development in Canada: Impacts, Responses and Recovery; Matthew Mendelsohn, Visiting Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University, Senior Advisor, BCG Global Public Sector Practice; and John Buck, President CEO, CEDEC.

Addressing COVID-19 Challenges Through Multi-Sectoral Collaboration: The Rural Rebound Case Studies

With Lissel Hernandez-Gongora,

University of Guelph

(English subtitles)

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