CIE Insights

During the fall 2021 conference, guests had the opportunity to participate in Breakout Rooms where academics from across the country invited lively discussion around presentations they submitted to the conference working group. The themes of the sessions were: Changing Demographics; Community and Collaboration; Infrastructure and the Environment; Local Economies; Se donner les moyens de se revitaliser; Communauté et collaboration; Indigeneity and Inclusion; Infrastructure and Agriculture; Responses and Resiliency. To revisit these presentations, or to view those you missed:


"That was really something! Congratulations to all of you and the many others who made the conference such a wonder, such an engaging, provocative series of calls to action, all tumbled into one event. My only regret - and regret isn't quite the mot juste - was that I was unable to drop into all of the presentations. I thought I'd gadfly it and do a come-‘n-go tea with each session, but the reality was once I got to a spot I was there for the long haul, the entire conversation. And it was always worth it. You grew an orchard of many different fruits and though I was not able to sample all of the offerings, what I did taste, I got so much out of, with connections I'll be leaning into as we carry on in our complimentary activities over here at the CCRC."

Peter Smith

Executive & Creative Director

Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity